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FEBRUARY 2010: Stop Suffering from Foot, Knee, Hip and Back Pain

Dr. Kiser-Crouch is now offering foot orthotics for those patients with foot pain and deformities such as bunions, plantar fascitis, corns and hammertoes. Foot function affects the entire chain of bones leading to the spine. Pain and dysfunction in the knee, hip and low back often result from improper foot mechanics. In all, there are more than 30 common diagnoses related to poor foot function.

These true custom-made orthotics made by Sole Supports™ ( work dynamically during weight-bearing activities such as standing, walking and running. The orthotics provide full corrected arch contact and are calibrated for your specific height, weight and foot type. The supports are more difficult to make and are the only ones custom calibrated to flex for your body weight. They actually change the way your foot functions, and do it comfortably.

Dr. Kiser-Crouch will cast your feet. Our staff sends the cast to the Sole Supports™ factory. Your orthotics arrive within two weeks. There is an eight-day break-in period as your body adjusts to the different way your feet are functioning. Most people have significant relief within weeks of regular use. A few people with advanced conditions need a couple of months to experience relief.

Sole Supports™ are an investment in good posture and joint health. Most insurances cover a portion of the cost. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.
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